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Winter has come with a chill

The weather is expected to be cold and wet at the initial period of winter. However, this is expected to change with time. In the days that will follow after the commencement of winter, mild rainfall and temperatures will be recorded in Sydney.

Josh Fisher who is a weatherzone meteorologist pointed that heavy rains will be experienced from Sunday to Wednesday compared to other days of the month. The volume of rainfall is expected to shoot to 50mm and may swell to 100mm compared to last months 37mm.

“The wet and cold weather is attributed to the low pressure that is coming from the east coast of NSW which in return is sending a lot of vapor into the skies”, said Mr Fisher. According to him, Tuesday will be the wettest day of the weak and also the coldest.” The clouds coupled by rain water will cause temperatures to decline on Tuesday”.

The other half of winter will be mild because the high temperatures emanating from La Nina system has subsided. “Wet nights and days will prevail as long as the rainfall and temperatures remain minimal through winter”.

“The second week of winter will record minimal rains and temperatures”. Under normal weather conditions,Sydney receives 311mm of rainfall and temperatures do not exceed 17 degrees. In addition to that temperatures can hardly sink below nine degrees. The highest amount of rainfall is recorded in June at 130mm.