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Is it True that Justin Beiber Spat on Fans?

Are you a big fan of Justin Bieber? If you are, do you believe that he is such a callous person to spat on his fans?

Export Daily Paper in AustraliaJustin Bieber reps had spoken out to condemn the accusation about the issue of spitting on his fans while he was on a balcony of a hotel in Vancouver last week.

It was 26th of July this year when the young singer caused ire. There are a few photos made to the public showing Justin Bieber spitting while he was on the balcony of the hotel he is accommodating, and lots of fans waiting for him outside. However, it was not clear if the fans were directly beneath the balcony where Bieber was.

Bieber’s camp has castigated the photos claimed by the TMZ. They said that the photo was tampered so that it will look like Bieber spattered on his fans. His rep stated that Justin did not spit anybody and there were no fans beneath the balcony.

An insider as well revealed that Bieber was just not a little dedicated to his fans during the day of ire, but he gets them hot chocolate drinks and offered them the taste of his new music.

Actually, the assertion has made Justin Bieber’s fans angry, while his other fans took the chance to make jokes on the suspected incident.

Do you think Justin Bieber can do this callous behavior to his fans?

A fan of Bieber wrote this statement:

“If justin tries to spit on me it’s ok bc i can always use his DNA to make a clone, and I can have Justin for myself. While another added, if justin bieber spat on me, I’d bottle his spit up, clone him then I could have a bieber all to myself mmmm YES PLEASE.”

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Title: Is it True that Justin Beiber Spat on Fans?
Reviewed by The spatting issue of JUstin Bieber to his fans has no evidence if the fans were really underneath the balcony where Bieber spat. on Aug 2
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Summary: Do you believe that Justin Bieber spat on his fans who were waiting for him underneath the balcony of his hotel?
Description: The spatting issue of Justin Bieber to his fans has no proof. There was no evidence if the fans were directly underneath the balcony where Bieber spat.