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New Treatment for Epilepsy and Mental Illnesses was Discovered | St. Vincent's Institute of Medical Research

Good news for individuals who suffer with epilepsy or any mental illnesses, because scientists in St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne have made an innovative discovery of improved drugs called “C1C chloride channel” that functions at a molecular level,  which could treat such diseases first-ever in the whole world.

St. Vincent's Institute of Medical ResearchThe Chloride run in and out of cells through the channels and connected to a variety of vital bodily functions.

These channels mutation have a number of human diseases such as follows:




kidney stones


renal salt loss

lysosomal storage disease

Structural-Biology head Michael Parker in St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research said that the C1C chloride channels allow muscles and nerves to communicate with each other, as they act similar to switches and pumps, by means of electrical signals.

The key role of these channels that makes the muscles contract and rest are also related to the faint goat phenomenon, wherein out of the ordinary situation happens- when scared animals just collapse right over.

The mutant channel in the fainting goat phenomenon doesn’t open and close accurately, which means that the muscles of goat can’t relax, thus, it remains contracted that’s why the goat collapse.

In a paper that was recently published at Nature Communications journal, in collaboration with Professor Parker and Dr Bennetts, it was initially shown how the chloride channel is open and close on a molecular level.

With this research, Dr Bennetts confirmed that this could lead to more sophisticated treatments for uncommon diseases like osteopetrosis, Dent’s disease, myotonia congenital, and Bartter syndrome.

“That the channels open and close under certain conditions was discovered about 25 years ago, but no one was able to figure out how it works,” he said.

Now they figure out the method how a molecular level switches open and close them.

It seems like that the work can be pertinent to humans 8 other channel family members. This can help enhanced drug development for epilepsy and any related to mental illness.

What these experts discovered will be used to design drugs that hit the functions of the channels, which could be directed to new treatments for various diseases and may diminish the unwanted side effects.

Their work develops the work of US researcher Roderick MacKinnon as Nobel Prize winner; he received the top award for showing the resemblance of ion channels for the first time.


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Title: New Treatment for Epilepsy and Mental Illnesses was Discovered
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Summary: New treatment for epilepsy and mental Illnesses was discovered by Melbourne scientists.
Description: St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research scientists discover improved drugs, which could treat mental diseases first-ever in the whole world.