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A Teenage Boy was Attacked by Eight-foot Tiger Shark 200m away from Campbells Beach shore | shark attack

Zac Young is teenage bodyboarder who told his friends “I LOVE you guys”  as they dragged him after a shark attack on the NSW North Coast.

Young and three of his friends Lindsy Isaac, Shayden Schrader, 15, and Kurt Gillan, 18, had been surfing at Campbells Beach 200m away from shore at north of Coffs Harbour when an eight-foot tiger shark appeared from behind Young that took his life.

There were hundreds of surfers who later went to the Town Beach Port Macquarie ocean formed a circle, holding a minute silence in memory of Zac Young. Zac Young

‘Rip zac young died doing what he loved. Alway remember (sic). Never forgotten’ – Lindsy Isaac and a friend had written this message on his board.

“If there was a perfect human being Zac would be fairly close to that, he was loving, compassionate and all ways happy. In my 8-9 years of being very close friends with him I can’t remember a time he wasn’t smiling,” said Kurt Gillan, one of Young’s friend who pulled him out from the water.

Paramedics did their best to save Zac Young while his mates wait by after a shark attacked him.

At Port Macquarie High School, oneof his friend’s Lindsy said that it was the scariest thing she had ever done.“I love you guys, I love you so much,” the last words Zac said to them.

“He died doing what he loved to do. He loved God and surfing,” Lindsy said.

Zac’s father Kevin admired the friends of his son. He hugged and kissed them in front of a crowded memorial service.

He said as he wept, “These three young guys didn’t run, they didn’t run. I want you to know these three guys.”

Mr Young told the congregation that he had only heard the real story 15 minutes before the service and that he did not want to go into the details.

“They told me he seemed to be at peace and not in pain,” he said.

Zac Young was attacked both his legs were almost cut off in the attack at Reicks Point surf break, Campbell’s Beach, north of Coffs Harbour, NSW, Nov. 30, about 2pm.

His three friends brought him to the beach and started CPR but h didn’t make it to survive. He died of a cardiac arrest, said the ambulance spokeswoman.

According to Inspector Joanna Reid at the scene, “His mates struggled with the shark for a short time. Then the shark has let go and friends then courageously managed to get him to shore.”

According to a police source that swimmers that day had seen a form in the water but they had discounted any danger. They thought it was something.

Coffs Harbour is home to a break identified as The Well, which is popular among bodyboarders, from up and down the coast.

Coffs Harbour beaches were all closed immediately while the local water police guarded the waters in search of the shark.


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