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Qantas Shifting from Blackberry To iPhones by Annali Quetulio

Blackberry phones assigned to Qantas Airline personnel will soon be replaced by iPhones according to the airline’s Chief Information Officer Paul Jones. He was reportedly heard in an interview with The Australian that the former mobile phone units issued to the airline crew will be put aside in favor of the latter.


The new breed of iPhones from Apple has conquered the corporate world as well as ordinary individuals.

The user-friendly interface of the iPhones gave way to ease in usage and the diverse apps that are installed on each unit give them more satisfaction than the ones they used to have. The growing popularity of Apple’s new models also changed the way IBM felt about their Blackberry models. They are also contemplating on changing brands and shift to iPhones as well. Qantas Airlines has now found a way to lessen their annual spending due to the shift.