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New Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken oath as Australia’s 28th Prime Minister


Introducing the 28th Prime Minister Tony Abbott (Anthony John Abbott) in Australia.

Mr Abbott has taken his pledge on the Bible and then signed official documents to accept office during his short and intimate ceremony held at the Government House with his wife Margie and three little girls as well as his parents who witnessed the ceremony. Prime Minister Tony Abbott

“I, Anthony John Abbott, do swear that I will well and sincerely serve the individuals of Australia,” he confirmed as Governor-General Quentin Bryce viewed on.

Mrs Abbott congratulates her husband, officially pronounced Prime Minister Tony Abbott a kiss on the cheek as they have taken photos.

All of his family members greeted him as well as Peta Credlin, Mr Abbott’s chief of staff, and  James Boyce his trusted media adviser who were in the room.

Outside, the Holden Statesman the new Prime Minister came in and had switched over its registration plates to C1, which is the Prime Minister’s car official mark.

The senior team of Prime Minister Tony Abbott greeted him “Prime Minister” as he came in the room for the oath taking in of his ministers and parliamentary secretaries.

The new PM pledged to do their very best with his team for Australia, before he presents his ministry to Her Excellency.

He said, “We will be a problem solving government bared on values rather than ideologies.”

Furthermore, he repeated his promise about the carbon tax, the scrap, as well as to stop the boats and then he sworn to be a “calm, measured and purposeful government”.

Those Australians with disabilities, indigenous, including women who struggle to merge their family and career are not forgotten.

New Prime Minister Tony Abbott along with the parliamentary secretaries have taken their oaths of office on a Bible or repeated an affirmation.

Josh Frydenberg, new parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, used a Bible given by Sir Zelman Cowen to him as he sworn in on December 8, 1977 being the Governor General and Commander in Chief.

It was a successful oath taking day for the new Prime Minister in Australia and his colleague.

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