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Playboy model,Brandi Brandt, Anticipating Expatriation to Australia on Drug Charges

A PLAYBOY model and actor, Brandi Brandt, 44, who is popular for marrying Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. She was the prototypical California rock goddess during 1980s and early 90s.

On the March 1990, she reached Playboy postured with state tycoon and prospective reality TV star Donald Trump, clearly is holding up well in the downtown imprison regardless of confronting a greatest life imprisonment sentence in Australia. Brandi Brandt

However Today, Brandt sits in a penitentiary unit in the concrete of Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) situated in downtown Los Angeles anticipating expatriation to Australia.

Brandt is blamed for assuming a part in a brazen importation syndicate in US-Australia cocaine that shrouded bundles of the drug on Qantas and United Airlines passenger planes that flew from California to Sydney then, were gathered by workers of an air transport catering company when it arrives in the harbour city.

Crusty Demons, a motorcycle stand-in Rusty Setser, was Brandt’s previous sweetheart and co-conspirator, is also confined in MDC cell anticipating expatriation to Australia.

Both dodged long court fights in Los Angeles by consenting to be removed.

Anthony Solis, Brandt’s legal advisor said that anyone who is in custody getting expatriated to another land  that is extremely distant might not be happy. “She hasn’t expressed any particular emotion about it,” she added.

Brandi Brandt could use an additional two months locked up in MDC before the Australian and US authorities finish the documents for her expatriation, according to Solis.

Brandt and Setser have been accused in Australia of one count of conspiracy due to trading in a business amount of cocaine and one count of dealing with the returns of crime worth $100,000 or above.

Australian authorities affirmed Brandt, flew from Los Angeles to Australia two times in 2007, yet she stayed in Australia for 3 days or less on both events.

She allegedly landed in Sydney on a Qantas plane last November 4, 2007, booked into the Swiss Grand Hotel at Bondi Beach. She exchanged $71,650 to herself in eight different transactions between November 5 and 7 through separate banks.

Australian Customs officers, sought the United plane utilizing a drug-sniffing dog and discovered a 12-block bundle of cocaine covered up in a garbage receptacle at the back in a toilet of the air ship.

Brandt supposedly flew again to LA the following day.

Brandt acquired 10 money wire exchanges from different people in Australia, according to court records from July 23 to September 29, 2007,

From July 23 to September 29, 2007, Brandt received 10 money wire transfers from various individuals in Australia. In that eight wire exchanges Brandt sent to herself while in Australia, she acquired $130,760 from Australia while Setser gained $138,205, according to court reports.

The authorities got text messages from Setser’s cell phone, charge he code-named cocaine parcel as surfboards.

In a text message he professedly sent to an Australian co-conspirator Setser wrote:

“I need to run by you a package of boards that will blow your mind, the foam is hands down the best on the market! These boards will blow your mind”.

In 1989, Brandt wedded Sixx and they had 3 children named: Gunner, Decker and Storm. But 1 month after they divorced in 1996, Sixx wedded another Playboy Playmate Donna D’errico, who is also a previous Baywatch star.

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