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Peter Capaldi: the New “Doctor Who” Star

Doctor Who,” a British science fiction TV program revealed the new sci-fi Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, last Sunday on BBC America live broadcast.

Export Daily Paper in AustraliaPeter Capaldi, 55, a Scottish director and actor, is the official franchise Doctor Who to replace Matt Smith who is leaving the program, in which the time-travelling police box the TARDIS will soon end this year.

Capaldi said on his interview that he is a big fan of the show, and he is grateful not keeping this as a secret anymore.

Now, he is the 12th actor to play the “doctor” role ever since the cult show was introduced in 1963 in collaboration with the fourth Time Lord and William Hartnell since Russell T Davies (executive producer of the show) restarted Doctor Who in the year 2005, following David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, and Smith.

Steven Moffat, an executive producer, who considered Peter Capaldi the time they are casting 11th Doctor.

When Moffat and his team created a video, everybody who saw it thought, “That’s the Doctor.” Moffat said that all of them had a similar idea to choose Capaldi as the right person to play the role.

If you watched the World War Z movie, Capaldi played as the World Health Organization doctor, and in the forthcoming “The Fifth Estate” this fall and “Maleficent” next year, he can be seen in these big-screen.

Peter Davison, who was the 5th Doctor in “Doctor Who” (1981-84), is one of the guests on the recent live special of BBC America with TV personality Zoe Ball as the host.

He said that it was his best ever job in TV, and he loves when doing it. Davison’s daughter is married to Tennant, the 10th Doctor.

According to Smith, he remembered how people reacted on his casting at first, but the fans eventually approach him as the Doctor. Smith actually loved, and he will miss his job, but nothing he has to go.

The show is now becoming the top-rated TV program series on BBC America. It will be Doctor Who Christmas Special this year the first appearance of Peter Capaldi, and this results Smith’s closing break as the Doctor.


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Title: Peter Capaldi: the New “Doctor Who” Star
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Summary: Watch Peter Capildi in the Christmas Special of Doctor Who this year as the new star of the series.
Description: The announcement of pointing Peter Capildi was made when a live broadcast was made recently. He is now the replacement of Matt Smith as the franchise doctor in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV program.