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On the Air Blunders: How far can it go

How could a reputable TV host create such a boo-boo about a pivotal issue pertaining to a high profile guest? Was it due to sheer lack of information or something that just popped out of her mind as a spontaneous spiel that TV hosts are expected to deliver?

Famous TV host Kathie Lee Gifford could have used a general way when she asked Martin Short regarding his relationship with his wife, Nancy, who died a couple of years ago.

Funny man Martin Short graciously answers Kathie Lee Gifford during the interview.

The interview aired live extracted a lot of from viewers, of course, and the host was obviously not aware of the death of Martin’s wife. The scenario changed as soon as Gifford came back after a break and apologized on her spiel.

Will apologizing to her guest or the viewers, for that matter, take away the fact that it is not only the task of the production assistant to research regarding a guest; it is also a responsibility of a talk show host to know about the person scheduled for an interview? Advanced research on a scheduled guest is the answer and even the humblest TV audience knows this.

Nancy Short died of ovarian cancer two years ago; it has been all over the news. Production assistants could have taken facts into consideration and could have printed it on the script for the show host to read and understand.

Aside from the career highlights of the person on spotlight, milestones and life events must be known to whoever the interviewer is.  Members of the production crew are accountable for failing to give vital data as this may spell a blunder for the entire show.

Martin Short, on the other hand, took the whole thing like a real trouper and clearly understood that Kathie Lee Gifford was neither briefed nor prepped up for the part. He answered each question pleasantly and appeared calm even if there were some bewilderment on his part.

This, then, led Kathie Lee to apologize on the air and tweeted later regarding how she conducted the interview. Asking for an apology for a blunder like this can be daunting; thinking that Kathie Lee is one of the best talk show personalities the modern world has ever had.

Still, it boils down to the point wherein responsibility comes from the people behind the scenes. Is it too much to ask from a host if she or he knows the facts on an interviewee’s life? Maybe not; researchers have to do their duties and scriptwriters have to work hand in hand with the ones who are handling the show. Imagine a live program without much information gathered.

We could only hope that this would serve as a lesson for other shows in the future as one may never know how an interviewee would react; not all people take things the same way as how a Martin Short would have handled it.