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Norm Cheney’s Body found in a Solid Barrel


Anthony Charles Oliver, 38, who happens to have a relationship with Trichelle Cheney, 39, Mr Norm Cheney‘s estranged wife, told in a jury in the Supreme Court of Brisbane, in a while before he murdered his 41-year-old friend at Esk northwest of Brisbane, between December 19, 2010 and February 5, 2011.

The best mate of Norm Cheney brought up with his wife before admittedly killed him at the back of his head, cut his throat and hid his body in a hard-rounded drum that was disposed into the Caboolture River. Norm Cheney

Before Justice Margaret Wilson, Oliver pleaded not guilty to murder.

The crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC told the court that the Burpengary man Simon Hay was together with his children walking around the Caboolture River banks at Rocksberg when they bumped on a metal barrel that contains Mr Cheney’s body remains last February 5. The body remains were recognized as his through DNA testing.

The metal barrel had been washed up going on to the bank adjacent to an uprooted tree during the surges in 2011, and jutting from an end of the solidified concrete was a jaw of a man, skull and teeth, then a human foot at the other.

Mr Hay confirmed in the jury that his children bumped on a “rotten smell”, at Rocksberg 200m downstream at midday.

“The barrel was blown out in a section and you could see a skull and jaw and the teeth,” he said.

Mr Fuller said that since September 2010 Mr Cheney had separated from his wife after an ‘on and off’ relationship that bore a son. The couple’s relationship was unstable and sometimes violent due to drug addiction.

It was by December 2010 when Ms Cheney was having an affair with Oliver and they lived together.

He said to the jury that Oliver is the one responsible of Mr Cheney and brought his corpse, seated in the front passenger seat of a car he borrowed to his sister at Esk and he parked it in a shed for 2 days.

He also said that the sister of Oliver, Jenny and her husband Peter Harris helped him tip Mr Cheney’s body into a drum, weigh it down with stones, then mix with concrete before setting the car on fire in bushland at Crows Nest. It followed that Oliver supposedly tried to sell the vehicle with blood smear to his friend.

Mr Fuller said that a witness could testify that Oliver admitted that he killed Mr Cheney because he was “sick of having him around” and grumbled for owing him money.

Barrister Michael Byrne QC said that Oliver murdered Mr Cheney because he was afraid of his own safety and protecting his own life.

Mr Cheney had a past of becoming quickly violent in sudden occurrence worsen by his usage of both prescription and illegal drugs. Norm had been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. He was confirmed as a heavy user of ‘ice’ , the crystal meth, Mr Byrne added.

On January 5, 2011, Maroochydore detective Sergeant Kim Cavell said to the court that she got Oliver’s statement with reference to Mr Norm Cheney‘s disappearance, and he was extremely sweating and nervous. Sgt Cavell said that Oliver told her that Mr Cheney owed between $100,000 and $300,000 to drug dealers and bikies.

The statement of Oliver claimed that he last saw Norm when he was dropped near at his brother’s house located at Sandgate on December 20, 2010 after 11pm. The trial will continue.


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