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The Newest Leak of Edward Snowden, Australia PM Tony Abbott Defended

PM Tony Abbott has defended the spy agencies of Australia after new statement that one offered to disseminate the personal data concerning regular citizens with key foreign intelligence partners.

Edward SnowdenMr Edward Snowden, a Fugitive US whistleblower has disclosed new documents reveal the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) confers the risk of disseminating with the US, Britain, Canada and New Zealand the data of the country regarding medical, religious,  legal, or controlled business  data.

The data might have been free of privacy limitations demanded by different nations yet the record does not uncover what choices were taken after clear discourses at a 2008 brainpower meeting held in England.

The documents were described by Attorney-General George Brandis as “unverified” since intelligence insiders claimed that the draft papers were paradoxical.

The papers converse about the possible dissemination of ‘metadata’ in bulk that contains information with reference to a call, text or email including the location, but without the content.

As referred to in the papers, insiders stated that the metadata does not involved information anything about religious or medical issues, but it does allow the location of an individual to be tracked.

The Australian Signals Directorate, DSD before, is obliged to investigate foreign nationals like terrorists and seldom keep an eye on Australians overseas once ASIO needs them to be play a part of an investigation.

It is believe that it doesn’t deal in bulk metadata that telcos collected.

ASIO accesses the metadata of Australian and it has the capability to carry out overseas authorities in terms to criminal investigations.

Another leak goes after showing that Australia was carrying out undercover work on key Indonesian politicians, as concern arise that a release from Edward Snowden are destructing the national interest of Australia.

Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that there was no symptomatic of any laws had been wrecked.

He said in a statement, “We, as an Australian government, I’m sure this is true of governments of all persuasions, will always act to safeguard the national interest and to protect our citizens. And I have no reason to think that any Australian intelligence organisation has not acted in accordance with Australian law.”

Australia’s security organisations will act in conformity with the law at all times and they will act with proper protection in place.

Nevertheless, the Greens have mandate a parliamentary investigation into intelligence overextend.

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