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Model and Actress, Rachel Louise Loves a Murderer

Simon Gittany, 40, who threw his previous fiancée out of the balcony of their Sydney CBD apartment was found guilty, his present girlfriend Rachel Louise screams hysterically saying, “You’re wrong! You’re wrong!”

On the morning of July 30, 2011, Gittany lifted up Ms Harnum in a fit of fury and tossed her from 15th floor that caused her death. gittany

According to Justice Lucy McCallum, “I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the accused… unloaded her over the edge.”

In the court as Justice McCallum read the judgment of Simon Gittany, he then turned to his emotional 24-year-old girlfriend, Louis, and whispered “I love you, baby”.

When the Corrective Services members of the court removed Louise, she screamed, ”What are you going to do? Put your hand over my mouth?”

When the dramatic outburst was done, she left the court still clearly hysterical with her mascara running down her face, and smoked a cigarette.

Rachel Louise, who is a model and actress, just closed her eyes as media surrounded her and actress, and kept asking for a lighter.

She returned to the court to hear if Gittany, her boyfriend would be sentenced.

After that, she cried and talked to him in the dock. “I’m so sorry,” he said.

Ms Louise, who stands as a striking similarity to the murder victim never fail to support her killer boyfriend each day of the trial. She had known Gittany for more than 5 years before they become romantically connected a year ago.

Evidence showed that Louise socialised with Gittany along with his deceased fiancee before the murder.

In the trial, there were details came out how Gittany control his fiancée before she died.

He uses CCTV cameras in the CBD apartment they lived in and put a spy program on Ms Harnum’s mobile phone.

He also controlled her exercise regime, what she wore, whom to associate with and where she went.

This was Gittany’s abusive nature.

The mother of Ms Harnum’s said, “We never knew the extent as to how much he was tracking her, I just remember one time when she was home and he kept calling her, she commented and said ‘how does he always know where I am?’

“I worried for her, she reminded me of my daughter,” Mrs Harnum also said had fears for Ms Rachel Louise.

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Title: Model and Actress, Rachel Louise Loves a Murderer
Reviewed by Alma May on Nov 27
Rating: 5.0
Summary: Simon Gittany’s current girlfriend Rachel Louise screams hysterically when hi boyfriend found guilty in court.
Description: Simon Gittany was the one who killed his old fiancee, Ms Harnum by throwing her outside their 15 floor Sydney CBD apartment balcony.