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Melbourne Couple Murdered due to Unpaid Debt | Melbourne couple murder

Last night, a couple who lived in Melbourne at Moonee Ponds home were murdered, wherein homicide detectives are examining accusations a disagreement over a debt that was unpaid.

A man and a woman’s body were found in their own home located on Darling Street at Moonee Ponds in the north-west city.Melbourne couple murder

According to the police, the victims persisted from ‘serious’ trauma injuries.

Inside the house found three children below five, but they were not harm. These children are believed to be the victim’s children. They were found in the bedroom.

According to Shane O’Connell, a detective senior sergeant, the three young children are now in the care of family members.

On the other hand, a 44-year-old man in Meadow Heights was found in the driveway sitting alone with minor injuries. Police arrested him before he was being taken to the hospital.

They said that the man was working as a plasterer on the new two-storey house of the couple.

From a reliable source, police have discovered a blood trace leading in the area of the block.

A reporter from a known media said that the police have not said whose blood it is; however, they took pictures of it and is now evidence of the crime scene.

A police says it was a dreadful scene.

The homicide squad is investigating a car that was parked close to the house.

“The fact that we’ve got three young children aged five and below and they’re in a house where such a horrific incident has occurred is tragic.”

One neighbour in an interview said that she was horrified when she heard the attack.

It’s just devastating for a lovely young Melbourne couple murdered. Terrible, in a lovely quiet street, for this to happen, according to their neighbour .

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Title: Melbourne Couple Murdered due to Unpaid Debt
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Summary: Melbourne couple murdered last night because of unpaid debt.
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