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The Latest 3D Scanner that Reveals the Effects of Wearing High-heels

The Latest 3D Scanner that Reveals the Effects of Wearing High-heels

For all fashionable females who extremely love wearing high heels must see the result of this 1st and latest 3D scanner of a foot of a female in high heels.

latest 3D scanner

According to Andy Goldberg a consultant orthopedic surgeon that all our body weight gets forced on to our feet front part that eventually, inflicts clawed toes that can develop into arthritic.

This picture was shot with a latest 3D scanner costs new $340,000 at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in North London. To wear stilettos presses and twists the bones of our feet disproportionately that may result in distorted bunions and more throbbing conditions.

The PedCAT machine is the innovative kind of scanner in the UK that scans the feet of the patient in 360-degree within just 60 seconds.

From every angle, the doctors able to view the 3D image and examine the foot that takes 600 2D views.

Mr Goldberg is a specialist in foot and ankle. He proved that this new technology was the most important advance device over the traditional 2D X-rays that sometimes could direct to misdiagnoses.

What is good about this latest scanner is that it gives additional information. When a foot is scanned, it shows deformity due to by wearing high heels, which is much more difficult than anyone could think.

This is what happened to the feet in high heels…

The toes are compressed in the shoe. It is worst if the stiletto is shaped even more. The toes were compressed and they are become clawed. Thus, the bottom of the big toe will turn into ‘deviated outwards’ that form a bunion. The 3D scanner also shows the condition of these bones how it can turn to be ‘rotated and dropped’.

The pea-shaped bones under the big toe’s bottom called ‘sesamoids’ get displaced by the massive pressures deposit on them.

Mr Goldberg added that there is nothing wrong when you wear high heels temporarily, and if it will take an hour or more in a party that you are attending will cause you no harm.

However, if you wear high heels for 8 hours almost every day, then you have to expect that you may develop these problems:

  • Long-standing ‘hyper- extension’ of your joints in your toes under deep pressure could cause pain.
  • High heels force to throw your weight on to your toes; that is why they get compacted together and clawed up that will eventually turning into stiff and arthritic.
  • The bones in the big toe will be pushed out that will form the bunion for those high-heel slaves.

When it comes to shoes, many women prefer to wear the luxuriously designed high heels of Victoria Beckham with a high-towering price tag or a pair of Jimmy Choos. If you desire the same, you have to know the bad effects it can cause you.

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Title: The Latest 3D Scanner that Reveals the Effects of Wearing High-heels
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Summary: Do you love to always wear high heels? Then you have to be aware of this issue.
Description: Wearing high heels for 8 hours a day is not healthy for the wearer’s feet according to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.