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Katy Perry’s New Album “Prism” Hit the Airwaves!

Katy Perry’s New Album “Prism” Hit the Airwaves!

Pop star Katy Perry, 28, has just made an incredible spectacle to her new 4th album ‘Prism’ that just hit the airwaves! This album is her follow-up ‘Teenage Dream’ 2010 release album, and is due for release on the 22nd of October featuring her trademark latest single ‘Roar.’ Katy Perry

Last Friday, Perry was a top story featuring on John Mayer’s new album, Paradise Valley. She has been John Mayer’s muse, which is not a secret. During Mayer’s June’s tour opener, he even devoted his last song, “A Face to Call Home” to her.

Now Perry seems like returning the favor to Mayer by featuring her vocals to his new album, Paradise Valley, which will be out this August 20th.

She wanted to be certain for everybody to get informed with the announcement concerning her imminent 4th studio album. Yet, it seemed like no chances.

Perry did not say a word as she was promoting her album with an 18-wheeler enormous truck in gold emblazoned with highlighted name of her and the album’s title “Prism.”

Yesterday, Katy Perry tweeted that her track will be released tonight at midnight, EDT on iTunes. She wrote, “Looks like there’s a tiger on the loose!!!”

The Billboard said that her first single in her new album was initially planned to premiere today, Monday 12th of August that will be featured on John Mayer’s new album. However, it was disclosed over the internet last Saturday. Thus, in return, the song spotted an untimely release to radio stations, counting the Clear Channel that plays the song hourly on air.

TMZ reports, the golden truck that promotes Katy Perry’s new album was hit by a driver under the influence of alcohol at Pennsylvania’s Walmart parking lot around 5pm, but the driver was unharmed. Perry soon after the incident tweeted “The #Prism semi is bumped & bruised but she is a champion! She will return…”


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