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Jailed or fined for too much flesh, sunbathers are warned

Is it fashion or the Parisians should simply blame it on the weather? The police have issued a warning to sunbathers who seem to show too much flesh as the summer heat continues. This has been noted along the banks of River Seine and the police are not taking this issue lightly. It is either a fine or two years in jail, be warned! The tourist attraction sites in Parisians attract many individuals who enjoy sun bathing. Over- exposure is prohibited in as much as sunbathing is allowed. You should be careful not to show too much skin, police warns. Body parts such as breasts or private parts should not be displayed for the general public or else you will be jailed. Decency should be upheld at all times, whether you are walking in a park or on the streets. It is emphasized that: “please note that bathing suits should not be worn in official city parks and that dress should be decent and in accordance with good morals and public order.” How good is good? What is the definition of decent? If you go about without minding the above warning, you could end up in jail for two years. Pay attention to the warning in their website as stated as “When the thermometer rises a few degrees, you may put on your best bathing suit and find a little corner of grass or the welcoming banks of the Seine to put down your towel. Anyone caught wearing an inappropriate dress will be jailed or fined a maximum of $4385. The reactions of the policy spokesman for the Danish people’s party,Peter Skaarup was that Denmark is an open and free society. In as much as individuals are free to be dressed as they please, they should be warned by the warnings from the police. They are not taking this matter lightly and individuals should be cautious.