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iPhone Model to Release this Year iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 6

The hottest technologies have disclosed the real entertainment for users. When the iPhone 5 was unveiled by Apple, everyone was promptly looking forward to the next newest gadget. Knowing the fact that the preceding phones were all had a substantial leap- the question is: how about the next iPhone model? What can be the public expect from it?

Cubans are now allowed to Access the Internet
The utilization might be restricted, but Cubans are now allowed to access the Internet. This is according to the reports from the Cuban government recently.
The Cuban government has blocked plenty of websites so that they cannot totally access the Internet. Now that it is accessible by all, however, getting online for Cubans is fairly a new thing.
There are over 100 Internet outlets are now open in Cuba. However, using the Internet can be costly for Cubans because the government charges an hourly use; and this makes impossible for many to go online. Most Internet users in Cuba have to pay for a $20/month, while the Internet rate cost them $4.50/ hour
The Cuban government does not only limit the money for Cubans, but have power over the information on the web; that is why Cubans are restricted to make contact with the outside news.
Now, a number of sites are accessible including the Cuban government critics. Yet, sites that criticize the government are entirely restricted. The people need to sign a service agreement prior to to use the Internet with authorization.
In the statement of the service agreement is a promising not to access the Internet by any means that can inflict negativity to the economy, national security, and sovereignty of Cuba. Furthermore, any sites that prop up violence or that corrupting behavior are disallowed, as noted by a Cuban government official.
Contrary to all issues, more and more experts believe that the Internet access in Cuba will soon amplified in time the government decrease the price, which is actually has been studying by the government officials.
In fact, the experts also deem that since the government after all agrees the Internet access; thus, this is a sign that the officials are recognizing the effect of lack of Internet access, which lead to serious restriction to the Cuban citizens progression as well as holding them back.
Tania Velasquez, a Cuban government official in her prepared statement instill that the government of the country clearly support certain behavior concerning moral and ethical behavior. As a result, those sites that show violence are not allowed.
Among the countries in the western hemisphere, Cuba is measured as one of the least equipped country. With the new Internet outlets, loads of people can now get their way in to send e-mail and access Facebook.
Of those media outlets have interviewed, they have indicated e-mail and social networking to be their main areas of focus and they plan to set aside one hour per month, some of them two hours per month, to access these aspects of the Internet world to communicate with others around the globe.

Some iPhone enthusiasts were waiting for iPhone 5S, while others are expecting for iPhone 6. Apple has a grand stand-in program; they might surely do the “S” models. However, do they have manifold hardware models to keep assembling parts for a minimum of 2 years after the previous model is sold? Export Daily Paper in Australia

It is hard to weigh up which iPhone model will be released after the iPhone 5. Will it be iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6?

As  a matter of fact, the rumors about the release date of the iPhone 6 still continue to flutter. However, here comes Peter Misek, Jeffries analyst, who has established track record in terms to predictions of Apple.

It is like, when he says that a particular model of Apple will be released in 2013, you should pay attention to it, or note it down on your calendar. Mac Rumors said that a new report released by Misek proving once more that the iPhone 6 would arrive possibly July 2013.

I think there is no person on earth who is able to guarantee 100% regarding the release of new Apple product. Remember, Apple Company has engaged enigmatic tactics the whole time.

The iPhone 5 had hit phone shops’ shelves. We are not certain if the iPhone 6 is going to arrive this year; or else, a minor enhancement to the iPhone 5 is next. As we know, it has been a tradition that released models associating an “S” indicates slight improvements. So, is it really possible that iPhone 5S will come out first instead of iPhone 6?

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 take us to the issue. Either of the two could pull in anytime this year, nevertheless, it is more likely to release the iOS 7 in the late fall or to subsequent year along the iPhone6. The iPhone 6 is mysterious among the anticipated models.

Let us take a peek at iPhone 6 features, which surely brings a whole redesign body. There is a little rumor for what it might resemble. Apple might revert to a curved style, like in the iPhone 3G era, while the screen may shift to a 2-sides wraparound device.

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