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iPhone will be available in Australia, but Apple fans need to make a choice | iphone 5s


At a live occasion in Cupertino, California, Apple announced the arrival of 2 new iphones.

Disregarding the launching price of $a739, the iphone 5c has been portrayed as the “budget” model, and the great iphone 5s has amazing built-in fingerprint scanner on its home button. iPhone 5S

The Consumer watchdog Choice has disagreed against the price surcharge for Australians usually shell out for technology weighing against the US. It has approached consumers to express displeasure for Australians have to pay up to 14% more than the US consumers for the new phones.

According to director Matt Levey of Choice campaign,

”There is no obvious reason for a price difference like this, and we can only conclude Apple is charging Aussies more for the new iPhones because they think they can get away with it.”
The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S have similar size just like the contemporary iPhone 5, with 8 megapixel camera.

Senior vice-president worldwide marketing Philip Schiller of Apple said that the new 64-bit A7 chip was the “first ever in a phone of any kind” runs by iPhone 5S.

Knowing the iPhone 5 camera, which has been known in the world is about to be taken over.

The iPhone 5S is going to have a new lens, fabricated of 5 elements with f2.2 aperture, maximized from the f2.4. It has wider lens that will help the ability of the camera to boost when taking pictures in dim light.

When you want to verify your identity to make a purchase at app store or iTunes for example, the Touch ID technology is amazing to use.

Every identification detail of a person would be laid up on the phone and never on  the server of Apple, Apple said.

The iPhone 5S appears in 3 colours – silver, gold, and space grey or identified as black. According to Apple that the iPhone 5S battery will match in the iPhone 5 that can perhaps disappoint a lot of iPhone aficionados who find the power of the battery as the phone’s biggest weakness.

Apple said that the iPhone 5S battery would quit up to 10 hours when the user do web browsing on 4G networks.

On September 20, the iPhone 5S will be in stores in Australia, available for

  • $869 in favour of 16GB model
  • $999 for 32GB model
  • $1129 for 64GB model

There are also available leather cases come in 6 colours in a price of $48.

And just by touching the TouchID system of your iPhone5S, the user can confirm iTunes purchase on the home button. The identification on their fingerprint is completed by the phone’s chip, without sending your identification details to Apple.


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Description: If you are an Australian, these iPhone new models will be available soon this month, but the Consumer watchdog Choice campaigned regarding the pricing against the US.