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Hot AFL News: Hawks Soars Against Bulldogs | football

footballOf course, it is high time for the flying hawks to reminisce the good old days of dominating the Australian Football League (AFL) air once again. History is testament to the glorious days of Hawthorn Football Club winning the 1991 and 2008 Grand Final events against the West Coast Eagles and the Geelong Football Club, respectively.

While the Hawthorn Football Club managed to soar higher than the Eagles and the Geelong in two historic grand final events, the Hawks was able to bring back the winning spirit in the 2012 AFL Round 16 event against the bulldogs. According to sports analysts, the table turned in favour of the Hawks gaining goal streaks courtesy of Hawthorn superstars, less Lance Franklin and Captain Luke Hodge, thereby leaving the Bulldogs defeated. Matthew Boyd, team captain of the Western Bulldogs, contended that his team became reactive, instead of proactive, amidst the soaring Hawks all along the game.

There is no doubt that Hawthorn superstars played a vital role in the victory of the team. Jack Gunston, in particular, ruled the game with four successful goals during the game. Ryan Shoenmakers won’t get left behind rocking the field with two additional goals. Nonetheless, the Bulldogs put off a good fight with Shaun Higgins hitting three goals, in which the third one was kicked eleven minutes in the onset of the second quarter.

Of course, it is noteworthy that the Hawthorn Football Club won nine out of their past ten games garnering an average of 74 margin points that earned the team its reputation as a relentless troop.