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A High Tech AuraCam 6000 Camera that Detects People’s Aura

In New Zealand, a photographer has move off to give evidence that people’s aura is true, which livens up ourselves.

AuraCam 6000 CameraCarlo Van de Roer, a photographer, claims it true with his camera. He used a camera called “AuraCam 6000″ that has the ability to read electromagnetic fields emanated from an individual he is photographing. This camera can detect someone’s aura more than a psychic can do, creating a multi-coloured aura field surrounding the person to shot.

Carlo said that he was interested in utilizing this kind of camera in order to discover the portrait-making process. The manufacturer of the aura cameras asserted that their technology able to illustrate what exactly the psychic could see, a claim that can be difficult to prove without bias.

He added that the camera able to proffer a clear perception into the subject, or else, the connection between the subject and the photographer as an extreme pattern of common idea.

The photographer, Van de Roer even published some incredible images in this book: “The Portrait Machine Project.”

The camera connects the subjects towards 2 hand sensors connected to the camera itself through cables. The camera uses Polaroid film, and when the subject has the left and right hand sensors, the “biofeedback” is gathered by the AuraCam. This is its way to gauge on the points of the resonance that surround a particular spots in the body.

Every measured point of resonance connects to the certain organs with the person’s electromagnetic field. The information it gathers regarding the auric and energetic characteristics of an individual will then be delivered into the camera.

Therefore, the Aura Imaging website indicates that the camera only creates an electronic interpretation to the thing it believes like an aura.

It says that it really doesn’t shoot the actual aura, but nothing subsists which can achieve this.

Values are assigns to various aspects by the camera through electromagnetic field that’s commonly predisposed by humidity, body temperature, as well as static electricity detects in and around the subject.

Van de Roer will not be inspired by his special beliefs, or whether the portraits he have taken can prove the subsistence of electromagnetic field; he said that he is always been fascinated in the notions of technology that may perhaps reveal a little something that people can only see in the course of a photography.

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Title: A High Tech AuraCam 6000 Camera that Detects People’s Aura
Reviewed by Alma May on Jul 31
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Summary: An AuraCam 6000 Camera connects to the certain organs with the person’s electromagnetic field.
Description: This is a high tech camera called “AuraCam 6000 Camera” that has the ability to detect the aura of its subject.