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Early Promise for Safe and Effective Malaria Vaccine

Researchers said that a new vaccine for malaria is now being developed. It can take off the mosquito bites effects that was confirmed 100% protection to several people who volunteer in the said study. malaria vaccine

Sanaria’s PfSPZ vaccine, based in Maryland, contains surviving parasites that make it difficult to make since it needs scientists in order to examine the mosquitos’ salivary glands to detect the parasites that cause malaria.

The surviving but weakening mosquitos are counted before they are placed in vials. Afterwards, they will be injected directly into the bloodstream of the patient. The sporozoites are destabilized in order to prevent the cause of illness and incorporation into the vaccine, which is important to be injected into the vein of the patient for several times. Every injection is usually a month apart.

2 years ago, a test of similar malaria vaccine was directed into the patient’s skin, just like the typical vaccines are given, but the result was unsuccessful as it only showed protection to 2 out of 44 volunteers.

Now, the newest test showed that to inject the vaccine directly into the bloodstream of the patient, all 6 volunteers who have given a five-shot course of therapy at the highest dosage are protected against malaria, according to the US journal Science made known result.

57 people have been part of the study including the 40 volunteers who have been injected by the vaccine in shifting dosage and seventeen controls.

According to Robert Seder, the co-author of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to Science that the result of the study was “very promising.” Therefore, the vaccine entails more study, and they have to do it again to a bigger number of volunteers.

Stephen Hoffman, the chief executive and lead researcher of Sanaria assumed that the vaccine could be used to reduce the malaria cases in due course.

He said that it is realistic to recommend that within 3-5 years, there will be a safe, and effective vaccine that can be a business reality and supply medical assistance to an enormous number of population in the world!


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Title: Early Promise for Safe and Effective Malaria Vaccine
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Summary: The researchers in the US are now studying the malaria vaccine with a number of volunteers.
Description: Malaria disease is a critical disease. Now, a new vaccine for malaria is now being developed by researchers to make it safe and more effective to use.