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Dominique Maber, one of Many Individuals who ‘Change My Race on SBS’

Dominique Maber, during her teenage years was bullied so severely at school. That time, what she simply wishes is to have a white skin so bullying would all stop.

Ms Maber is one of the many individuals with stories on Change My Race on SBS, and since her behaviour were harsh, the show reveals loads of other harsh actions taken by Australians as well as others internationals who are factually putting their lives to risk just to become white.

Dominique MaberThe girl thought that she was being teased by peers for she was one of the individuals in a town where everybody else was light skinned.

Due to this, she already started using unsafe skin lightening treatments when she was 12, so that she will have a lighter skin, which is now she is regretting.

Now that she’s 20, Maber, a model and actor wishes she can turn back the time and tell herself not to be so stupid.

Maber is a Brisbane woman born as British-Sri Lankan. Her father is a British and her mother a Sri Lanka. When people teased her on her darker skin, her parents never failed telling her that she was beautiful.

She said, “But when I went back to mum’s village, people would touch my skin and comment how beautiful it was – because it was lighter.”

People there considered white as beautiful and they think that if an individual is white she is rich and id treated like from a royal family.

The bullying made her decide to start making her skin white using skin treatments that some Sri Lankans considered just as safe as teeth whitening products.

But when she get a serious reaction, she stopped. Now Dominique Maber wishes she never used it.

Ms Anna Choy, who is a Chinese-Australian actor and TV presenter, exposes the increasing trend of racial changing cosmetic surgery in Australia and all over the world.

She also finds people who are willing to undergo actions counting extreme facial contouring, skin whitening, double eyelid surgery, calf reductions, and nose jobs to look more western.


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Title: Dominique Maber, one of Many Individuals who ‘Change My Race on SBS’
Reviewed by Alma May on Dec 3
Rating: 5.0
Summary: Dominique Maber was teased becasue of her darker skin, so at 12, she used unsafe whitening treatment.
Description: Dominique Maber, a British- Sri-Lankan who wanted to become white to stop the bullying her.