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A Dead Possum is Causing Destruction in Kooralbyn’s Water Supplies

A Dead Possum is Causing Destruction in Kooralbyn’s Water Supplies

A dead possum is causing destruction in the south of Brisbane, Kooralbyn, water supplies.

Now the residents in Kooralbyn have been warned to boil drinking water after they discovered marsupial within a local reservoir.

There are approximate 1500 homes in Kooralbyn warned by Queensland Urban Utilities in the Scenic Rim due to probable chance of contamination that may affect the Walker Drive Reservoir. Destruction in Kooralbyn’s Water Supplies

Mayor John Brent in the Scenic Rim said that the residents have been advised to continue heating up their water while the authorities work to fix the circumstance.

There are more supplies of bottled water arrived on Friday morning in the town.

“We still ask residents to continue to boil their water. It affects about 1500 homes in the area,” Mayor Brent said in an interview at ABC radio.

The spokesperson of Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) said in a statement that they were working with Queensland Health to work out the situation.

He said that they are in a progression of tests as they isolate the system before his teams flush the reservoir and network.

The system regularly configured to engage water from an alternate part of the system to keep away from destruction in Kooralbyn’s water supplies.

QUU advise the people of Kooralbyn to use cooled boiled water if they will use it for drinking, to brush their teeth, to wash and prepare their food, to make ice, especially when they use water to prepare baby formula and bathing.

They advise people that they can use unboiled water for bathing but not for infants (just minimise the contact water in the mouth), wash the dishes through a dishwasher or by hand, provide air-dried, to wash clothes, and toilet flush.


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Summary: Residents within south of Brisbane, Kooralbyn must watch out in using the water.
Description: A dead possum was found in the water system in the area that probably affect the Walker Drive Reservoir causing destruction in Kooralbyn’s water supplies.