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Australia’s Upcoming 4th Biggest Foreign Airline | AirAsia X

Do you plan to travel to Asia? The aviation specialists believe economical Lion Air, an Indonesian airline, will soon to get flights underway to Australia few years from now, at the same time, the AirAsia X, a Malaysian airline, has also plans to make its flights twice over to and from Australia. AirAsia X

For Australian travelers, this is your chance to enjoy Asian countries. Peter Harbison, the executive chairman of Center for Asia Pacific Aviation notifies that economical carriers will manage to travel to Asia for a long period of time by the end of the decade. It would surely surprise him if ever the Lion Air were unable to fly to Australia before that time.

During the CAPA Australia Pacific Asia Summit held in Sydney, Harbison said that many of their aircrafts could fly to far-off distances. And he verified that before 2013 ends, the AirAsia X would become Australia’s 4th biggest foreign airline.

From Sydney to Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth, these carriers can connect you to any Asian amazing spots including Bali and Phuket stopping at Kuala Lumpur.

The CEO of AirAsia X, Azran Osman-Rani, also said that the airline was setting up to double their flight’s rate by next year to and from Australia, since Australia is their 3rd business.

Australian travellers can choose to stopover to their desired destinations in Asia on the way to Europe. They can choose to visit Bandung in Indonesia for awhile, as it turns to be the new focus of many tourists.

However, Asia faces strapping rivalry by carriers of Middle Eastern Airways such as Emirates and Eithad.

Emirates started its business with Qantas this year, flights en route to Europe with Australian carrier going to Dubai as an alternative to Singapore.

On the other hand, Etihad Abu Dhabi-based, is now doing business with Virgin Australia. This Airway has shown their ambitious strategies to start flights from Perth, enhance their flights from Brisbane and Melbourne, then fly A380 aircraft an Airbus from Sydney and Melbourne.

The increasing numbers of airlines in Australia is good news for the tourism of the country.


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Title: Australia’s Upcoming 4th Biggest Foreign Airline
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