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Aussie Beliebers Got A Share Of Justin Bieber

BieberConfirmed! Australia has been overtaken by the “Bieber Fever,” too. Who could ever blame the fourteen-year old Aussie belieber, Amilia Radevska, for rushing into the arms of the famous pop star singer amidst an interview on the stage of Australia’s Got Talent? While Bieber was being interviewed by Grant Denyer, Radevska saw the opportunity, and just like any true blue belieber, grabbed the chance of a lifetime. After all, it’s not every day that she gets to crash into the arms of an entertainment icon. Earlier, the pop superstar was also greeted by overwhelming local fans at Fox fm Melbourne when he visited to record songs for Australia’s Got Talent. Nonetheless, beliebers might be up for another glimpse of their idol at Seven Network’s Sunrise Show on Wednesday.