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Ashes 2013: Geoffrey Boycott says ICC must drop umpire Marais Erasmus

Ashes 2013, since the series started at the Trent Bridge, South African official becomes the focal point means of the disputable decisions. Geoffrey Boycott deemed that the mere answer is to drawn altogether. Export Daily Paper in Australia

Tim Bresnan, ruled by Erasmus was caught when the line took by England during the last stages of the 2nd day in Manchester play, even if the replays exposed that he hadn’t touched the ball and only hit his trousers.

When it was consulted to his captain, no more review found.

At Trent Bridge first Test, Ashton Agar of Erasmus favor when he was pounded on 6. It was become controversial when he knocked over Aleem Dar, instructed him to confer Jonathan Trott away lbw.

When the host broadcaster utilized Hotspot to show the replay on the last wicket, Erasmus thermal imaging system was not accessible. However, the replay wherein Chris Rogers accidental fall of his full throw from Graeme Swann was exposed, said that it was the worst ball he had bowled, and was even hit on the box height. The England lbw plea is supported by Erasmus and Rogers is not in favour in the referral.

The increasing calls of the controversy made by Erasmus, Geoffrey Boycott brought out his opinion to those working for a stand-in umpire.

He said that Erasmus the umpire made him worry.

He also added that ICC should not defend those hard to defend. “’Listen he’s not doing the job he needs to have a rest,” Boycott said.

Boycott’s assessment to Erasmus has been very frank. Yet, Michael Clarke, Australia captain, presents his more diplomatic reaction when he was asked regarding the arbitrating this series.

He said that he does not think if it is smart to proceed to the issue. What was the result was the result; thus, they need to move on.

The first innings of Australia is declared 7 for 527, and England’s respond is 2 for 52, the 475 runs deficit, in a game the tourists should win, 2-0 down amid 3 to play.

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